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Why North Korea won’t nuke anyone. Or why Kim Jun Un is a baby faced bull S*****


Kim Jun Un plotting the destruction of the U.S.

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Kim Jun Un is a chubby 28 (if indeed he’s really even 28) year old despotic ruler of the  most xenophobic cloistered country in the world. To say that Korea has been ramping up the anti United States rhetoric is an exercise in understatement. Kim Jun Un rules because he has the support of the North Korean military. To appease the military and the uninformed masses of North Koreans, Kim Jun Un needs an enemy…namely us, the United States. Kim Jun Un is using the same fiery anti Western rhetoric that Hugo Chavez so effectively did to galvanize and solidify his hold on power. Simply put Kim Jun Un, must appear strong and to do so his regime is making inane albeit scary threats about launching a nuclear attack on the U.S. There is a historical precedent very similar to N. Korea’s posturing and saber rattling. We all remember how Saddam Hussein’s little attempt at regional adventurism ended. It ended with Hussein swinging from the end of a gallows. Kim Jun Un might be a chubby baby faced dictator but he’s certainly no fool. He’ll keep whipping his audience into an anti western frenzy, but he’s certainly not about to launch nukes at any nation especially the United States.

China has always been North Korea’s staunchest ally and even they have grown tired of N. Korea’s vitriol. China is perhaps the worlds leading economic power and they are not about to let the rogue nation of N. Korea start a regional conflict that could plunge the world back into a recession. China does enjoy the flow of western cash into it’s coffers so to speak. Moreover China certainly does not want an even greater U.S presence in the region which would certainly happen should a “war” break out on the Korean peninsula. The old days of the major powers fighting wars of proxy are more or less over with the advent of the global economy. To quote Nicky Santoro from the movie Casino “the dollars it’s always about the dollars!” 

Dr. Evil plotting the destruction of the U.S.

Dr. Evil plotting the destruction of the U.S.

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