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How US Ambassador Chris Stevens May Have Been Linked To Jihadist Rebels In Syria

Wow the plot thickens. How deeply is our government involved with cloak and dagger chicanery in the middle east? Click here to read about how deceased US Ambassador Chris Stevens may have bee linked to Jihadist rebels. This one stinks to high heaven. I mean really 400 tons of munitions??? Who paid for it and who is behind it?

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Worldwide bank crash imminent?

O.K…I’m not sure If I buy into this one. Keep in mind I’m sourcing a blogger (just like me). I don’t and can’t vouch for his opinion. He does seem to have researched his facts though. Click this link to a very, very interesting supposition about the imminent crash of the worldwide banking system. He’s actually predicting it to happen this month!

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ohhh no...

ohhh no…

Apple in cahoots with big brother.

Apple has patented a piece of technology which would allow government and police to block transmission of information, including video and photographs, from any public gathering or venue they deem “sensitive”, and “protected from externalities.”

Here is the link to the original article:

We are watching...

We are watching…

It’s a great responsibility to own a dog-Follow up

You need to read the original post “It’s a great responsibility to own a dog…any dog”, that I published yesterday to understand this post.

Here is the latest.

The owner of the aggressor dog that nearly  killed Dallas was told by township officials that extra safety precautions  needed to be taken for her dogs. Keep in mind that one or both of her dogs had a history of attacking and killing neighborhood dogs. The owner was supposed to have a special inner fence installed in her yard and her dogs were to be muzzled while outside. None of those provisions were ever implemented or observed by the dog owner. Because of the reckless and cavalier attitude of the dog owner…another dog (Dallas) was attacked and nearly killed and one of her dogs is more than likely going to be euthanized. This is an example of stupid and reckless dog ownership. People like this should not be allowed to own anything larger than a goldfish.

vicious dog

Train better, eat better…perform better.


I’m training to climb Mt. Rainier (the 5’th tallest mountain in the lower 50 states). I have one year to prepare for this climb. My fitness level is already tip top and my nutrition is good. However I need an expert to help me maximize my training and nutritional protocols. There is a saying in mountaineering that goes “getting to the top is optional, getting down is mandatory”. Essentially what that means is that you need to be fit and strong enough to make the summit then climb back down.

I want to be so fit on my Rainier climb that I’m prepared for any eventuality such as storms, crevasse falls etc… I want to be lean and functionally strong with cardio for days. To help me prepare for my Rainier climb I’m bringing in the big guns (no pun intended), I’ll be working with Chris “Redline” Wing from Redline Athletics and Nutrition Compounds. Redline is a certified ISSA Personal Trainer, professional MMA fighter and life long athlete. Redline has already set up my training protocol which includes weight training and mountain biking. Yesterday he did a my body fat composition analysis and based on that will set me up on a macronutrient nutritional plan.



I needed to bring in an expert because I want to maximize my training and nutrition. You can only figure out so much on your own, at some point you need the guidance of an expert. Ironically one of the huge problems I have is training too much and pushing myself too hard. RedLines training template takes all of the guess work out of the process. I know exactly how much to eat and how frequently to train. In fact he even tells me how often to take “off days” which I never do when left to my own devices. I’m confident that over the next 11 months Redline will help get me into top physical condition and through his expert guidance get me to the top of Mt. Rainier and back down. 



It’s a great responsibility to own a dog…any dog.

There are two groups of people that I detest:  The Amish puppy millers or anyone for that matter that runs puppy mills and backyard breeders. I pick the Amish because they are the most notorious puppy millers in the business. Backyard breeders are people with ZERO dog breeding experience that happen to breed two dogs (usually of the same breed) for profit. A professional dog breeder understands canine eugenics. They breed for breed standard and temperament. A backyard breeder understands none of that and simply breeds dogs for a quick buck. A particular dog breed can become the “breed of the week”. About 15 years ago it was Rottweilers. Rotties became so popular that any two jamokes with a rottie began to breed and sell the pups. A couple of things happened. One was there were some ugly Rottweilers being born that were not even close to the breed standard. The other was many of these “backyard bred” pups had behavioral issues…they were aggressive.

That's Argos...on the left.

That’s Argos…on the left.

Dog owners bear much of the responsibility for the behavior of their dogs as well. Dogs are highly intelligent sentient beings that have a complex psychology. When I got my English Mastiff (from a professional Mastiff Breeder) I researched the breed thoroughly. I understood Mastiff temperament and behavior. When I brought Argos home as a 32 pound 8 week old pup I spent a considerable amount of time socializing him. I brought him to visit with families with children. I brought him to visit with other dogs. In fact I used to park my car in a busy parking lot so he could just sit and watch people come and go. As a puppy Argos was well socialized. He’s grown up into a loving, gentle-peaceful 200 pound dog. Can you imagine Argos if he were child aggressive? Or dog Aggressive? A 200 pound dog can kill a fully grown man…easily. That is why I spent so much time socializing argos as a pup. I wanted a pet…not a 200 pound time bomb with teeth.



Recently my daughter and son in laws 10 pound Papillon Dallas was attacked, mauled and nearly killed by a dog with a history of attacking and killing neighborhood dogs. The breed of the attacker is irrelevant. What is relevant is it was hyper dog aggressive. How can any responsible dog owner not take reasonable provisions to prevent their dog from attacking other dogs or anything for that matter? Why was that dog not socialized properly? Was that dog a mill pup or a BYB pup? Was that dog born with behavioral issues or did it become aggressive from irresponsible dog ownership? The whole situation sucks all around because “Dallas” nearly died and had to go through emergency surgery. The attacking dog was seized by local animal control authorities to await its fate, which certainly can’t be good. This all could have been avoided if the aggressor dog had been bred and or socialized properly. Any fool can get a dog, but a fool can certainly not raise a dog.

Dallas with a gaping wound in his body after being mauled.

Dallas with a gaping wound in his body after being mauled.

Dallas post surgery.

Dallas post surgery.

Can exercise alone make you look great?

Check out my interview with martial artist, personal trainer and bodybuilder Atom Olson. Atom and I speak about nutrition and the training methodologies that have gotten him into top condition for his upcoming bodybuilding show. You can find Atom’s website here. Click here for more information about the show Atom will be competing in. This interview is not just about bodybuilding however, Atom talks about a regular person can get into shape and lose weight.

Atom's back

Atom’s back

Atom's abs-Hella shredded!

Atom’s abs-Hella shredded!

Dare to dream. If I can turn my life around…so can you.


If you are a regular reader of this blog then you are already familiar with my fitness journey. Two years ago I reached my bottom both physically and mentally. I was nearly 260 pounds (I’m 5′-11”) and was totally and completely out of shape. I won the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation World Championship in Brazil in 2006 and by 2011 because I let myself go I became an out of shape physical wreck. Since reaching my “bottom” in 2011 I’ve lost nearly 70 pounds and am in the best shape of my life. I have been able to achieve this through hard work, dedication, proper exercise and nutrition. The journey has not been easy. I’ve had some setbacks along the way but I continue to make forward progress.

Mt. Rainier

Mt. Rainier

Since becoming fit I’ve been able to do things that I never thought possible such as mountain climbing. I wish I could describe to you the sheer visceral feeling you get when you stand atop a mountain summit and look out at the world below. On a mountain when the wind is above 80 mph it is as loud as a freight train and you have to scream to be heard even if the person is standing inches away from you. It is so cold that if you spit, your spit will freeze solid before it hits the ground. At times the wind blows so hard the snow hitting your face feels like bits of small glass or sand. The most alluring thing about mountain climbing (at least to me) is the sheer challenge of making it to the summit and back. One simply can not imagine the sheer size of a mountain unless you are climbing one! They are called mountains for a reason… As you climb higher the earth below shrinks in the distance and your realize that you are doing  something that few people will ever do. When I solo climbed Mt. Washington (the tallest mountain in the North East) two winters ago it was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. I remember when I broke treeline (around 4,500′) the wind was gusting at around 90 mph and the air temperature was -50. I looked off into the distance as I stood in that raw primal environment and thought to myself “my God few people ever get to see what I am seeing now.” It was an incredible experience that changed me as a person forever.

The problem with mountain climbing is it’s expensive because you have to go to where the mountains are…they don’t come to you! The farther away the mountain the greater the logistical expenses. For instance to climb Mt. Everest which is in the Himalayas can cost more than $50,000 dollars. Yes you read that correctly 50k! Since mountains tend to be very cold and windy you need to wear specialized gear. There are many things that you can “cheap out” on but mountain climbing is not one of them. I found this out the hard way when I climbed Mt. Washington wearing a snowmobile suit that I bought on the cheap online. Snowmobile suits are designed to keep you warm while you are sitting on a snowmobile not while mountain climbing. They do not wick your perspiration away from your body and you become drenched with sweat which is not a good thing when the air temperature is -50 degrees. The point is if you want to climb a mountain there are significant expenses involved.

I’m planning to climb Mt. Rainier in Washington State. Mt. Rainier is the 5’th tallest mountain in the lower 48 states. I’ve set up a climbing fund raising campaign to raise money to help offset the expenses of this climb. Please click here to go to my donation page. If you know me then you know how important this is to me and perhaps you can help me realize this dream. After all how many men of my age (52) do stuff like this? I’m not asking you to help me book a vacation to the Caribbean so I can lay on a beach drink Pina Coladas and soak in some rays. I’m asking you to help me fund this climb so that through my endeavours it may inspire other people to become healthy and fit. If you are reading this now and are overweight, frustrated and maybe even depressed because of your weight…do not despair! If I can turn my life around so can you. We all have our own dreams and mine is at the summit of a mountain. Do what I’m doing…go out and live your dream!

Thanks very much for your support. I’ll see you at the summit!


My climb banner will look like this. Every sponsor will have their name included on the banner.

Everyone that donates to the climb will have their name printed on a banner similar to this one. I’ll take the banner with me to the summit and be photographed with it. Please go to the fundraising campaign site for more info!

Fitness/Sport Zealot?

On Top Of the cliffYesterday a friend and I went on a 25 mile ride with our mountain bikes. We did a mixed urban (street) and trail ride. During the street sections of the ride I did several all out sprints to failure. The way home (about 2/3 of the time) was spent on single track trail. Riding trail is like powerlifting. It requires moments of flat out total powerful exertion  as you try to power your bike up extremely steep and rocky trails. We spent about six hours out riding. By the time I got home I was so fatigued and physically exhausted I wanted to hit myself in the face with a hammer. My arms and legs did not hurt. In fact I was experiencing no muscular pain. The pain I felt seemed to be at the cellular level. It was like my mitochondria had been kicked into overdrive trying to generate enough energy for the ride and now I was physiologically depleted…spent. I ached all over and everywhere.

I had a wholesome dinner, broiled chicken, 3 whole eggs all mixed with 2 cooked cups of pasta. After one good nights sleep (about 10 hours) I feel pretty F****** tip top today. In fact I want to do some type of training today (Sunday) but today is an off day. Taking off days has typically been my problem…I never take them. All athletes particularly athletes of my age (post 50) need time to rest and recover. I’ll follow the advice of my trainer Chris from Redline Athletics and Nutrition Compounds and take the day off. Chris has set me up on a nutritional program that fuels me through workouts that would break most men half my age. He’s also set me up with a training template that incorporates weight training and mountain biking. I originally started mountain biking to get cardio sessions in (I can’t run because of knee issues). What I’m finding however is that in addition to my cardio getting jacked up from riding…I’m getting stronger everywhere.

I’m not a fitness Zealot. I don’t do one activity to the exclusion of other activities. Have you ever seen someone wearing a T-shirt that says; “Eat-Live-Sleep–(insert activity here). I find that to be a bit odd and non balanced. I rock climb, mountain climb, lift weights, mountain bike and do martial arts. All of those activities act synergistically and make me an overall better athlete. I don’t just want to be good in one activity alone.  I want to be good in several activities…essentially a 52 year old decathlete. A guy that is fit enough to do most anything.

Are you a warrior athlete? Prove it.

The Spartan Races are the progenitor of  the “obstacle races”. Obstacle races are races where you run through, jump over and crawl under all kinds of nut busting  and bone jarring obstacles. They truly test the mettle of an athlete. In the last few years there has been an explosion of fitness/obstacle themed races. I believe however that the Spartan races personify the embodiment of the “warrior athlete” Are you an athlete or a warrior athlete? An athlete is an individual that excels or specializes in one sport. A warrior athlete is a person that is fit enough and mentally tough enough to tackle athletic events outside of their comfort zones. In the case of the Spartan Races, way way out of their comfort zones. 

spartan raceSince you are a reader of this blog you know that I engage in many fitness activities. I rock climb, mountaineer, mountain bike and do martial arts. I am never afraid to try a new physical activity. In fact I’m thinking about taking scuba diving lessons. How cool would it be to go to a stone quarry rappel down the quarry cliff then scuba dive the quarry. At the end of the dive I’d have to have the mental and physical strength to climb back up the rope to the quarry lip… That is what I mean by being a warrior athlete. You should always be eager to take on and attempt new physical challenges to prove to yourself that you are the best.

Click here to watch a really cool video about the Spartan Races. The folks at Spartan Race have given me a PROMO code for one of my readers to enter a Spartan race for free! The code will only work one time for any open heat in any 2013-2014 Spartan Race in the continental US. How cool is that! You guys should consider yourself lucky that I don’t keep this code for myself! Here’s what I’m going to do; email me at and tell me why you want to prove that you are not just an athlete but a warrior athlete. Tell me your desire and motivation for wanting to do a Spartan Race. The person that has the most compelling reason/story will win the free promo code. This is not some cheap T shirt give away. It can cost as much as $130 to enter a Spartan race. Email me your essay and you might win the ability to prove yourself a warrior athlete!

For my Philadelphia readers there is a Spartan Race in Philadelphia on September 28’th.

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