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Texting while driving-the potential for tragedy.

Have you ever text messaged while driving? If so take 30 minutes of your time to watch this video by acclaimed filmmaker Werner Herzog about the devastation and tragedy that can occur while texting and driving. Click here to watch this compelling video that will hopefully dissuade you from texting while driving.



Bull Run=Stupid, Spartan Race=Badass

O.K…so this idea is the pantheon of stupidity:

Watch out! The Great Bull Run is coming to the U.S.Organizers of the Pamplona-inspired event plan for several U.S. cities to unleash bulls to sprint through fenced-in courses as daredevils sprint to avoid being trampled.The inaugural run is set for Aug. 24 in Richmond, Va. More events are planned for Georgia, Texas, Florida, California, Minnesota, Illinois and Pennsylvania. Click here for the source story.

Eeeeeeee doggies...look at me run...from a bull

Eeeeeeee doggies…look at me run…from a bull

So let me see if I can wrap my mind around this incredibly imbecilic idea. You have a free weekend, feel like challenging yourself so you decide to enter a “bull run”. I have a couple of problems with “bull runs”. 1. Potential animal cruelty, 2. it’s stupid 3. it’s stupid, 4 it’s stupid…and so on. If you are so inclined to dodge large moving things, go ride a bicycle in Manhattan during rush hour…you’ll be able to dodge 3,000 pound things called…cars. I see this “bull run”  as an excuse for fat, retarded (sorry no P.C.) drunk non athletes to pretend that they are doing something moderately challenging and dangerous. But hey man this is America and anyone has the right to act like a halfwit.

If you want a challenge and I mean a real challenge, try a Spartan Race. I’ve written about the Spartan Races before. A Spartan Race is no “fun run” where you get food coloring thrown on you while you run or have people dressed like zombies chase you. Nope…Spartan Races are badass…balls out challenges for people that truly want to test their mettle. I was contacted by Spartan Race Media and was given the following news:

Spartan Race has partnered with NBC Sports to bring obstacle racing to television. NBC will be filming 8 professional athletes and 4 everyday Spartans at the Spartan Race World Championships in Killington, Vermont next month on September 21st for a 90 minute TV special. Spartan Race has launched a Get On TV campaign in which people will submit a story about how training and racing in a Spartan Race has transformed their life for a chance to be featured on this special.

Rather than doing something incredibly pointless like any of the garden variety “challenge” races, step up…try a Spartan Race. Who knows you may end up on T.V. Arooooooooooo!

The Spartan Race...

The Spartan Race…


Poultry plants selling consumers tainted meat.

I’ll let you read this one about poultry plants using a smorgasbord of chemicals to cover up extremely tainted salmonella chicken.

This comment was in response to the original article: I owned Solomon Farms in Tennessee and could write a book about what is going on behind the public’s back, most of it truly a horror. Are you aware Tyson ran all poultry farmers out of Tennessee? We no longer have state inspectors and can not legally sell chicken meat. if you already know Tyson is evil, good, but did you know those “Young” chickens they sell, which are typically 8 pounds, are abominations? God doesn’t make 8 pound chickens faster than 6 months, but Tyson does! one method is to feed earth worms to rabbits, which multiple the protein factor. The higher protein rabbits are used to create poultry feed. Poultry needs at least 16% protein and Tyson has a “natural” method of making protein enhanced, but it’s an abomination. Pick any Tyson chicken at the grocer and poke your thumb into the breast, nothing there, no muscle tissue, just fast growing higher protein. It’s science, but very bad science.


You can’t out exercise a bad diet.

I see it all of the time…people working out (sometimes really hard) that are overweight. You can do all of the nut busting workouts that you want, but if your nutritional protocol is shit…well I’ll let you figure out the rest. I laud anyone for doing any kind of exercise activity. Even just 15 minutes/week exercising is better than no exercise. But for the love of God you need to understand that your nutrition is the cornerstone, the keystone so to speak of how you look and how you feel. What the hell is the point of going to the gym…busting your ass…then destroying all of that hard work by eating shitty food? I was speaking with Chris “Redline” Wing yesterday from RedLine Athletics and Nutrition Compounds. He allows his clients no cheat meals and NO cheat days. Redline understands that in one weekend of binge eating a person can easily gain 3 or more pounds of fat…in a single weekend!

Working out is fun…watching your nutrition is not.

out exercise a bad diet

Why big companies buy, sell your data-You are being watched…closesly


I was talking to an I.T. (internet technology) expert yesterday. We had a conversation about “big data acquisition.” or data brokering as it is sometimes referred to. Every time you use a computer or mobile device such as a tablet or phone to access the internet your web activity is tracked and recorded. Your search queries are tracked and stored as well. Have you been Googling for information about a “caribbean cruise?”. Your search query about caribbean cruises is now being stored on a server…somewhere. Terabytes and terabytes of data is being harvested, stored and then sold to companies that want it. They know your name, your phone number, where you live, your buying habits and, in many cases, what you are interested in buying. Big companies like Walmart are very interested in your browsing habits because they can now target you for advertising.

There are hundreds of companies specializing in collecting marketing data and creating profiles of millions of consumers across the country. But unlike the national Do Not Call List, which gives consumers a one-stop location to have their telephone numbers removed from telemarketing databases, data marketing does not have a universal opt-out system.

Digital Big Brother is Watching.

Digital Big Brother is Watching.

I find it ironic that American’s are up in arms about the NSA gathering and storing information about it’s citizenry when retailers and whomever is willing to pay can access your personal data as well. Do you feel just a tad uncomfortable about companies like Walmart knowing everything about your digital activity? In fact Walmart may know as much about you as the NSA does. If you are plugged into the net…this is the way it is. Welcome to cyber 1984, where not only is “big brother” watching you but “data brokers” are watching you as well…I mean really watching you.

Click here for an excellent article on that I used to research this post.


Man blows up family dog with explosive device.

Dog exploder extraordinaire Chris "Douche Bag" Dillingham.

Dog exploder extraordinaire Chris “Douche Bag” Dillingham.

A pusillanimous little cur named Christopher Dillingham age 45 claims the family pooch was possessed by the devil so he attached a bomb to its neck and blew the fucking dog to pieces. Click here for the original story. Ironically he’s NOT being charged with animal cruelty because fido was so violently blown to bits he did “not suffer.” Hmmm really?

I think some appropriate punishments might be:

Toss this sadist off a two story roof and watch him writhe in agony from shattered legs, pelvis and other sundry bones…hopefully all compound fractures.

Hang him, burn him then rip him into little bits and pieces then bury him alive.

Of course there is the tried and true classic the “Blood Eagle” perfected by those merry band of pillagers and marauders the Vikings. The Blood Eagle is when some unfortunate (in Dillinghams case deserved) is tied to a table…his ribs are shattered at the sternum using a hammer and chisel. The broken ribs are then pulled outwards (both sides of course) exposing the victims still beating heart and still breathing lungs to the raucous applause of the drunken Viking spectators.

Well that’s just my two cents worth….

Embassy Scare Came From A ‘Legion Of Doom’ Conference Call Of Al Qaeda Affiliates

Wow…o.k…so the mean nasty people that want to blow us up tried to set up a “conference call” to discuss their diabolical plans for death and destruction. If this story were not so scary I’d actually be laughing. The U.S. intercepted the call and the jig was up so to speak. Click here for the source story.

terror map

The Syrian civil war and why you should care about it.

Most Americans are more concerned with “America’s Got Talent” or any of the plethora of dumb reality shows than the slowly disintegrating situation in Syria. Here is the cliff note version as I understand it:

A rebel fighter loads his machine gun during fightings with regime forces on April 1, 2013 in the Sheikh Maqsoud neighbourhood of the Syrian city of Aleppo.

A rebel fighter loads his machine gun during fightings with regime forces on April 1, 2013 in the Sheikh Maqsoud neighbourhood of the Syrian city of Aleppo.

The government of Syria is fighting a civil war against whom…nobody really knows. Are the rebels oppressed Syrian civilians or Al-Qaeda backed operatives? Certainly Iran has their hand in the situation just as America does. A war of proxy is being fought in Syria by both Iran and the United States. Iraq is now becoming involved. In fact click here to read an incredibly disturbing piece that describes the situation in Syria and the impending collapse of Iraq. Iran is about 1 year away from having a nuclear weapon. Israel will absolutely positively attack Iran when the Iranians join the “nuclear club”.

I will express this as eloquently and succinctly as I can, “the entire geopolitical situation in the middle east is de-evolving into one giant dangerous cluster fuck.” In fact could Syria be the flashpoint that starts the next major conflagration in the region? Get ready U.S. troops…you are about to take another sojourn to the Middle East.

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How US Ambassador Chris Stevens May Have Been Linked To Jihadist Rebels In Syria

Wow the plot thickens. How deeply is our government involved with cloak and dagger chicanery in the middle east? Click here to read about how deceased US Ambassador Chris Stevens may have bee linked to Jihadist rebels. This one stinks to high heaven. I mean really 400 tons of munitions??? Who paid for it and who is behind it?

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Worldwide bank crash imminent?

O.K…I’m not sure If I buy into this one. Keep in mind I’m sourcing a blogger (just like me). I don’t and can’t vouch for his opinion. He does seem to have researched his facts though. Click this link to a very, very interesting supposition about the imminent crash of the worldwide banking system. He’s actually predicting it to happen this month!

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ohhh no...

ohhh no…

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