Overly attached girlfriend!

15 Feb

Men have you ever had to deal with a woman like this? Women are you like this?

Click here to watch the creepy/funny video.

overly attached girlfriend

overly attached girlfriend


Christopher Dorner is NO Folk Hero or hero of any kind.

14 Feb

From the "official" Christopher Dorner fanpage

From the “official” Christopher Dorner fanpage

Christopher Dorner is no folk hero. I find it sadly disturbing that many people are saying that in fact he is some sort of a hero. Here is a link to his “Official Facebook Fan Page. It has nearly 16,000 likes. Maybe what Dorner claimed was true. Perhaps he was railroaded from the L.A.P.D, treated unfairly, discriminated against and singled out. Being treated that way however does not give Dorner or anybody else for that matter the right to go on a maniacal murderous shooting spree. I ask you this, have you ever been fired from a job? Have you ever had a boss or co-worker that you wanted to “kill”? Did you act upon those impulses? Of course not. Dorner could have done something a simple as start a blog or his own Facebook fanpage and attempted to disseminate his woefull tale of mistreatment. Do you want to know why he did not do that ?Because nobody cared or was interested. In fact nobody ever heard of Christopher Dorner until he began assassinating people in cold blood. His manifesto was totally and utterly unheard of until he heartlessly and without remorse gunned down his first victims.

Now of course the conspiracy theories are starting and people are saying that the police deliberately set fire to the cabin that he was holed up in. Let me hip you to something. Dorner had just shot dead another law enforcement official, was engaged in a fire fight with other police officers with a Barrett 50 Caliber Rifle. Dorner was playing his final gambit for keeps. So what if the police torched the cabin he was in. We are all free to make the choices we want to in life. That being said when you cross over the societal boundary of sound and reasonable behavior as far as Dorner did, you completely and totally abrogate your rights to be treated as a sound and reasonable member of society. Burn Dorner out? I find it amazing that the police did not call in an air-strike and end the standoff with a JDAM bomb fired from a F-16. Folk Hero indeed.


The UFC=More sports entertainment than sports.

13 Feb

I took the following from mmamania.com:

If the recently-announced Cain Velasquez vs. Antonio Silva UFC 160 Heavyweight main event title fight wasn’t big enough for you, this massive mixed martial arts (MMA) showdown should send you over the top.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) announced this evening (via “UFC Tonight”) that the co-main event of the promotion’s annual Memorial Day weekend pay-per-view (PPV) extravaganza will feature an explosive bout between arguably two of the best strikers in sport.

Former 265-pound kingpin, Junior dos Santos, and former No. 1 division contender, Alistair Overeem, will lock powerful horns once and for all at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, on May 25, 2013.

Antonio Silva vs Mike Kyle“Send me over the top”…really? I can’t think of two fights I’d rather see less and here is why. Cain already destroyed Big Foot, the second fight is going to be different some how? I’m not saying that BF doesn’t deserve the shot, he’s won his last two and I like the fact that he upset Overeem. Can BF beat Cain in a rematch? Hey, anything is possible. That being said I’m not sure this is a fight to get yourself whipped into a frenzy over. Throw into the mix a match up between two fighters that are c0ming off of losses- PED user Overeem and Dos Santos and this some how equals “massive card”?

Lets call it like it is. The UFC does not have many big draws so they are putting together novelty fights like the ones above with the hopes that the fans will not understand or see that these fights are meaningless canards. I was reading yesterday that the UFC was going to add a “straw-weight” division, for those of you that don’t know what that is, it’s a 115 pound fully grown man. Did Dana not say years ago that the UFC would not become like boxing with too many weight classes and champions. In fact the UFC has become boxing when you consider the plethora of new weight classes and the irrelevant fights like the two cited above. I have no issue with this but lets call it like it is…the UFC has become more “sports entertainment” than “sports”.


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Why is wrestling being eliminated from the Olympics?-Simple…corruption.

12 Feb

0969-SahinThrowsRialFinale4375.jpgThe International Olympic Committee is widely known to be incredibly corrupt. I contacted a high level wrestling coach today and asked him why wrestling is on the chopping block for the 2020 Olympics. What coach “Smith” told me is that nobody in the wrestling community even knew that wrestling was in danger of being eliminated from the 2020 games. He did go on to tell me that he was not seriously concerned about the possible elimination of wrestling because and I’m quoting him “The I.O.C is notoriously corrupt“. He further postulated that somebody with “very deep pockets, will pay off the I.O.C and wrestling will not be eliminated.” I asked him to give me a lucid example to support his claim of corruption. He gave me the following example. He said “If I wrestle you Jim, in the first round of the Olympic tournament and beat you the only chance you have of a wrestleback (wrestling again) is if I make it to the finals.” Put it this way; Wrestler A beats wrestler B in the first round. If wrestler A makes it all of the way to the finals every opponent that wrestler A defeated, gets a chance to wrestleback. Should wrestler A lose in the semifinals then all of the opponents he beat are out of the games. He told me that there were known cases where wrestler “B” was given a “briefcase full of cash” to lay down (throw the match) so wrestler A could advance to the finals. In graphic terms, say wrestler A beats a Russian wrestler in the first round. The Russian must hope and pray that wrestler A makes it to the finals. If he does the Russian wrestles again, if not it’s time to go home to mother Russia. To ensure that the Russian is not on a plane ride back to the motherland a representative of the Russian wrestling team will give a “briefcase full of cash” to one of wrestler A’s opponents…said opponent takes a dive, wrestler A continues to the finals and the Russian is back in business. Pretty crazy stuff hugh?

Mark my words based on what Coach “Smith” told me someone will grease the I.O.C and wrestling won’t be eliminated from the 2020 games. As a further example of corruption albeit not at the Olympics but at the Greco Roman World Championships in 2011 in Turkey, coach Smith told me about Mijain Lopez. Lopez was the reigning Greco heavyweight God from Cuba. Nobody could even come close to beating Lopez…he was that good. Anyway, Lopez was wrestling in the Greco Roman World Championships in Turkey in 2011. In the finals he has to wrestle a nobody from Turkey…yes I said from Turkey. You’ll never guess what happened. Lopez lost to the Turk in Turkey. It was rumored at the time that Lopez was paid 250k in cash to take a dive. 250K goes a long long way in Cuba.

As Nicky Santoro said in the movie “Casino“….”The dollars, it’s always about the dollars”.

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Just how creepy can some men be?

12 Feb

Pretty damn creepy it seems. I was talking to a friend yesterday who does the “online dating” thing. She was telling me about one of the men she was contacted by on the dating site “Plenty Of Fish” Based on the stories my friend has told me in the past I wonder if POF is a clearing house for losers and nuts, no offense to any of my loyal readers that use POF, count yourself among the normal people who frequent the site. How can I make such a blanket indictment about the users of POF? Simply put, I don’t question the veracity or honesty of my friend nor do I doubt the bizarre story about a recent incident she had on POF. Please read on…

eeeee doggies, I'm a smooth smoothie!

eeeee doggies, I’m a smooth smoothie!

My friend Dorothy began a discourse with a man via text message that had contacted her on POF. This fellow went from being a reasonable and friendly guy to a cheeky bastard who oozed creepiness with every text message that he sent her. Keep in mind the following is from the first time  “Chester the molester” contacted my friend. Dorothy began the discourse with Chester about her need for firewood for her fireplace (Dorothy has a picture of her fireplace in her profile picture). The reference to “wood” was the only opening Chester needed to turn up the creep factor. He instantly began making not so thinly veiled references to hiswood“. Chester offered to bring Dorothy some wood for her fireplace because a tree had fallen down in his back yard. I think that is a very kind gesture don’t you? Chester however instantly used the occasion to refer to his wood as “hard, providing great heat and very slow burning“. He then went on to tell her that his wood has always worked well and has satisfied everyone that’s used it.” He then asked her “do you like wood?” I mean really…? Not only are his innuendos creepy, they are juvenile and rather obtuse and poorly thought out as well.

When Dorothy would not engage Chester about his wood, he instantly turned up the creep O meter even more. He asked her to send him a picture of her in her bra and panties and asked her what kind of nipples she had, were they light or dark? He suggested to her that instant messaging each other could be used as a “fantasy to get to know each other“. My interpretation of that statement is Chester wanted Dorothy to begin a sexually explicit conversation with him via IM. Keep in mind this is the very first time Chester contacted Dorothy! Regardless of what you think of Chester’s loutish and crass behavior you must applaud (cue golf clapping) the guy for his unabashed enthusiasm. Whatever happened to the old-fashioned ritual of a man showing up on the first date with flowers?

What I find most disturbing about Chester’s behavior is his assumption that Dorothy somehow wanted and sought such ribald conversation. I also think that Chester’s overtly sexual semantics are the pantheon of rudeness and a complete and total sexual objectification of a woman. Hey but that’s just me…call me provincial.

For those of you that have tried online dating, here is a quick poll. You can vote anonymously if you wish.

online poll by Opinion Stage



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The Walking Dead Episode 9-The Suicide King, Observations

11 Feb

season 3 castIt’s interesting to watch the continuing evolution of the characters. Rick is having a psychotic break with reality. He sees the ghost of Lori. Is Lori really dead? Remember we never saw her body…only the fat walker that supposedly ate her. Has Lori become some sort of a “wraith”. Glen is becoming a real hardass. The stress of his imprisonment and torture in Woodbury has acted as a catalyst in accelerating the change in his “attitude”. Glen is much less (nearly not at all) passive, as demonstrated when he stomps a walker into bits and pieces. Our boy has become a man! Daryl proves that blood is indeed thicker than water when he leaves the group to join the loutish albeit hard as nails Merle. Daryl leaving is going to be a big loss for the group because they are down one “soldier” now. My favorite character Michonne did not have too much to say or do in this episode. It will be interesting to see how she interacts with Rick when she recovers from her concussion. Why Rick wants to get rid of her is beyond me. Would you not want a person of Michonne’s abilities in your group if you were in charge? She wields those samurai swords like Ginsu knives resulting in the slicing and dicing of any walker(s) she encounters. I’m not really sure what the Governor is up to. I think he’s planning an assault on the prison. The residents of Woodbury are starting to panic and it seems as though the Governor is slowly losing control of the town and he acts like he really doesn’t care. Revenge is a dish best served cold, and I think revenge is on the Governors mind. By now I’m sure that the veil of infatuation with the Governor is slowly being raised from Andrea’s eyes. Shes beginning to see the Governor for what he actually is…a lying despotic tyrant.

Next week should prove to be very interesting as we watch Rick continue to spiral out of control mentally, the Govenor plot his revenge, Daryl and Merle finally reunited, Andrea taking charge at Woodbury, Glenn asserting more authority and Michonne back to her usual form as the ultimate warrior. The death of Dale as the moral compass of the group is really becoming manifest now.


Call Dr. Phil…I need Help!

10 Feb

Call Dr. Phil…I need help!

As I was brushing my teeth this morning, I remembered a dream that I had last night. The dream was horrible in its magnitude. It was of such unparalleled terror that I feel that I may not be normal for weeks. Did I dream of having sex with a beautiful woman? No.  Did I dream of hitting the powerball? Nope. Did I dream of the usual being out in public naked? Of course not. Much to my confusion and chagrin, I dreamt of flossing my teeth. More specifically I was engaged in an animated  conversation with someone I don’t even know, about the benefits and subtle nuances of flossing ones teeth. What would Freud have to say about this? The Horror…The Horror.

My God...I think I need help...

My God…I think I need help…


What is your rationale (excuse) for not exercising?

10 Feb



Attempt to lessen the blame attaching to (a fault or offense); seek to defend or justify
A reason or explanation put forward to defend or justify a fault or offense.

The Top 10 List for not exercising:

1. I don’t have the time

2. I’m too tired

3. I’m lazy

4. It’s boring

5. It’s painful and uncomfortable

6. I don’t know what to do

7. It’s inconvenient

8. It’s too expensive

9. It doesn’t do anything

10. I’m embarrassed

Super lean at 185. Do the math 260-185=75 pounds!

Super lean at 185. Do the math 260-185=75 pounds!

A friend of mine asked me a couple of days ago if I’m still dieting “as hard” as I was last summer. The answer is no. I was 260 pounds when I started my health and fitness “rebirth” the lowest I got to was about 185 pounds which was incredibly difficult and took nearly Olympian self control. Currently I am eating relatively “clean”. I don’t keep any snacks or sweets in the house because…I’ll eat them. As I lay in bed last night I was dying for some cake or cookies. It seems that my evil alter ego failed to stock my pantry with any sundry sweet treats and had only provisioned my refrigerator with apples and oranges. As such I snacked on two sliced oranges at 1:00 AM. Right now I weigh around 210 have no belly but don’t have any definition in my abs. In a few weeks I’ll start a macro nutrient diet to drop down to around 195 which is where I think I belong.

As far as  excuses for not exercising, here is a picture of a 78 year old man I ran into at my gym. It seems this guy is getting it in. If he can…can’t you? Incidentally I weighed around 222 pounds in the picture below, up from the 185 seen above. I was lifting super heavy at the time in preparation for a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tournament.

This guys has no excuses and he's 78!

This guys has no excuses and he’s 78!





Black History Month: Jack Johnson the greatest boxer to ever live.

9 Feb


Jack Johnson was the first black heavyweight boxing champion of the world. He was born in 1878 and died in 1946. Johnson had swag decades before the term was even invented. My intent with this post is not to do a biography of a man I truly admire, rather it is to speak to the key elements of Johnson’s life and personality that I admire most. Click here for a comprehensive article about his life.

The greatest Heavyweight Boxing Champion...ever.

The greatest Heavyweight Boxing Champion…ever.

Johnson lived at a time in this country when it was not fun and oftentimes dangerous to be a minority. It seems that Johnson reveled in his “blackness”. He was the absolute antithesis of what “white” America expected a black man to be. He was not docile, he was not meek and above all he was not subservient. In fact he was the exact opposite of those things. Johnson was brash, cocksure, confident, articulate and self assured. Some people believe that after Johnson became a wealthy man  he did everything he possibly could to antagonize white America. He dated and lived with white women, he wore expensive cloths, and he drove fast expensive cars. I absolutely do not believe that Johnson did those things to deliberately antagonize whites, I think he did them because it’s what he wanted to do. If antagonizing whites was an unintended by product of his lifestyle I don’t think Johnson gave a damn. Esteemed African Americans of the time like  Booker T Washington thought that Johnson’s behavior did more to hurt the African American cause than help it. Quite frankly I don’t think Johnson cared. Jack Johnson was going to do what he wanted, sleep with whomever he wanted, dress the way he fancied, drive the cars he wanted and live a bon vivant lifestyle regardless of what African Americans or white America wanted him to do…period. 

Not only do I admire Johnson for his pugnacious attitude I admire him because he was a world class athlete. He was an incredibly talented boxer. He was much better than any other boxers of his time. He was so much better than his competition  that frequently while he was boxing he would have conversations with fans in the front row! You have to remember that in every one of Johnson’s fights everyone (excepting African Americans) wanted him to lose. In fact, a nationwide search was undertaken to find “The Great White Hope”, (a white boxer) that could defeat Johnson and return the title to white hands. Johnson destroyed them all with ease. When the former heavyweight champion James Jeffries was dragged out of retirement with the hope of beating Johnson, screams of “kill the N*****” filled the stadium. Johnson with his usual aplomb proceeded to thrash the former champion with such severity that police stopped the camera crew from filming just before Jeffries was knocked out. White America would be spared the indignity of watching their beloved Jeffries being knocked out by the hated Johnson. It simply boggles my mind how Johnson could go into every single one of his fights knowing that he was loathed and despised. Not only did the fans want him to lose they wanted him dead.

Two of  my favorite Jack Johnson quotes are:

Why are white women so attracted to black men? We eat cold eels and think distant thoughts (my interpretation of this quote is it is Johnson just F****** with the person who asked him the question)


I’m black… They never let me forget it.. I’m black alright.. I’ll never let them forget it

I admire Jack Johnson for living the life that he wanted, not the life that others expected him to live. In my opinion Jack Johnson is truly a hero and deserving of great respect and admiration

Click here for a great video homage to Jack Johnson…the greatest heavyweight boxer to ever live.


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Your “Esoteric” Jiu Jitsu is no good around here!

9 Feb



Intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest.
ohh-ahh...that guy must be good!

ohh-ahh…that guy must be good!

I believe that many Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners are becoming enamored with “esoteric” BJJ. Anybody that studies BJJ can go onto YouTube and watch videos of advanced techniques and try to integrate them into their game. Click here for a really cool inverted spider guard sweep. The sweep is very elegant and is sure to illicit many ooh’s and aah’s if done properly in the dojo. Therein lies my dilemma with techniques like this. I simply don’t think that a person could pull off a technique like this  on someone of equal skill and ability level. BJJ and most martial arts for that matter work great on “dead people” (the dead don’t resist).

Click here to see an example of an Aikido technique that I also think would not work against someone who is resisting. I’m not questioning the technique at all. Rather I’m pointing out that the person that it’s being done to is NOT resisting, just like in the BJJ technique above.

In any case people are spending inordinate amounts of time on the Internet trying to learn BJJ techniques that are too advanced for their ability levels or are very easy to pull off on someone of lesser skill level. If you really think that your BJJ techniques are wicked good…go to a tournament and try them out on someone that is as skilled as you. I was apprentice refereeing last weekend at a NAGA grappling tournament and must have watched at least a hundred matches. Can you guess what the most common submissions that I saw were? The most common submissions that I witnessed were; triangle chokes and armbars. It seems like simple things don’t need to be improved. Studies show that the flint hand-axe, in its simplest form, was being used 2.6 million years ago. An axe works just as well today as it did 2.6 million years ago…