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The rise of the fitness nerds

I was refereeing for NAGA this weekend in Hartford Connecticut. The tournament was part of the Europa Games. I had never heard of the Europa games. It was really cool. There was a bodybuilding show, arm wrestling and fitness competitions as well as supplement vendors hawking their wares. It was pretty exciting being part of an event that was “fitness” based. In fact there were some incredibly fit people walking around the event. I think there was some type of “crossfit” competition because there appeared to be different teams from various crossfit gyms at the event.

The fitness nerds looked eerily similar to this.

The fitness nerds looked eerily similar to this.

I have to be very concise when I write this. I only saw one crossfit team and as such base the following observation on the appearance of that one team only. The team members did not seem to be in very good shape for fitness competitors. In fact they struck me as being fitness nerds. The women team members had big lower bodies (I’m trying to be polite) and the men for the most part had soft flabby midsections. I won’t write about the fitness ‘nerdware” that they were wearing because it’s irrelevant. What is relevant is you can workout as hard as fuck and be in great shape but if you don’t eat well and don’t have your nutrition dialed in…well that’s a bit of a health disconnect, in my opinion anyway. Again…it’s my opinion only…but who cares if you can do 50 chin ups in 60 seconds if you look like joe average french fry eater? The whole thing left me rather confused. Memo to fitness nerds…you can crossfit all you want but your W.O.D’s don’t mean squat (pun fully intended) unless you have the nutrition component of your fitness regimen in place. “Working out out is fun…dieting is not.”

p.s. as usual if you don’t agree with me please feel free to express your erudite and polite comment. However if you come at me rudely and hard…well I’ll stomp your baby nuts and it will be off to the hate mail page for you.

Bellator-UFC=Taliban. Alvarez tied up in court.

Free Eddie!

Free Eddie!

It’s being reported that barring an out of court settlement Eddie Alvarez may not get his day in court (he’s being sued by Bellator) until September 2014. MMA fans are not reacting well to this news. In fact there is an extremely angry anti Bellator sentiment building within the MMA community. Some fans are calling for a boycott of Bellator. Let me see if I can wrap my dull witted mind around this. Alvarez is not supposed to work until September of next year? Shame on Bjorn Rebney or whomever in the Viacom or Bellator universe that decided to tie Alvarez up in court.

This scenario reminds me of when Zuffa (the UFC) dicked around Roger Huerta for two years then sent him into the cage to be smashed by Gray Maynard. The only thing Huerta was guilty of was complaining about his pay. Some fans are of the mind set that if a fighter does not like the terms of his/her employment they should choose another vocation. O.K…let’s say you spend years developing and learning a skill. You go to college get a degree and land yourself a nice job. However your boss pays you the bare minimum…because he can. If you open your mouth, you get your ass fired or sued. How would you feel?

I’m not anti Zuffa, I’m not anti Bellator…I’m pro fucking fighter! Bellator and the UFC should buck the fuck up and start doing the right thing like paying their fighters more. In fact all fighters should be making more money. Are you aware that on the local pro level some fighters fight for as little as 500/500? You get $500 to show up and another $500 if you win. Assuming you get the W you get paid a whopping $1000 for about 12 weeks of training and preparation. Do the math Einstein…that’s $83 dollars per week. Would you work for that much?

It makes me sick to my stomach to see mega corporations like Zuffa and Viacom grossly under pay their fighters. My anger is further exacerbated when an honest hard working guy like Alvarez gets dicked over simply because he want’s to improve the standard of living for he and his family. I mean seriously what did Alvarez do that was so heinous that he deserves to be treated like this? Did Rebney come home and find Alvarez on his front porch stomping the Rebney family puppy to death? The whole situation smacks of corporate greed and intimidation. Will I boycott Bellator…? What do you think? Oh and by the way, nobody in the MMA “Media” will write anything even remotely this strongly worded because they are too busy getting on their knees in preparation to perform felatio in order to get a precious “press pass”. Screw you and your press pass…I’d rather sit home and stare at my living room wall.

oh and p fucking s: if you don’t agree with my opinion I respect that. Tell me why in an articulate fashion. If you come back at me in an insulting or mean spirited way… be prepared…sow the wind reap the whirlwind

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Man freaks out at Wendy’s Drive Thru.

Here is a disturbing example of angry aberrant human behavior. Click here to see an angry screaming lunatic at a Wendy’s drive thru window. It seems they did not make his hamburger to his satisfaction.  I have some thoughts which I direct at the fool doing the screaming in the video:

  • Ass wipe…you are eating at a “fast food” joint…you should be happy and grateful that your food is even cooked.
  • Ass monkey…the worker you are screaming at is probably some 17 year old kid just trying to hustle a buck by earning minimum wage. Screaming at him is certainly not going to motivate him to perform any better/faster.
  • Ass muncher…who the fuck are you to scream at anyone…particularly some hapless fast food worker? You need to have a mob of Australian rules football players serially curb stomp your balls.
  • Ass pounder…go to your kitchen. Open the drawer that you keep your knives in. Find the biggest sharpest knife that you have then…cut your own throat. I mean seriously…was that damn hamburger so fucking important to you that you had to have a complete and utter tirade filled break from sanity?
"I want ma money back and I want it fast!"

“I want ma money back and I want it fast!”


Mt. Shuksan training log entry III

at the gymIt’s been awhile since I last posted in this section…sorry! I’ve been training my ass off. Rather than give you an unnecessarily detailed day by day training log, I’ll give you an overall synopsis from time to time. Here is my current training routine:

Weight training-4 times weekly. Day 1-Chest, Shoulders and Triceps. Day 2-Back, Biceps. Day 3-Legs, Day 4-Total body workout. Each session is 3 movements-12 reps of 4 sets and takes about 60 minutes to finish with the exception of day 4 which is a long workout and takes about 90 minutes. Day 4’s rep scheme is different as well. I do 20-25 reps but only two sets of two movements each.

Cardio: I’ve upped my cardio as well. I do M.H.I.I.T (maximum HIIT). MHIIT is two minutes of flat out sprinting followed by a 30 second rest. I repeat this cycle five times. Because of knee issues I usually do MHIIT on an elliptical machine.

My body weight has been stable at around 205 (down from 219). I want to be around 185 by the time of the climb. I’m not losing weight at the rate that I wanted so I’ve adjusted my macronutrients profile. I’ve dropped my consumption of carbohydrates from 290 gms/day to 250 gms/day. That is a net reduction of 1,120 calories/week so my weight should start dropping again.

Practical training: 

I go out at least twice monthly to High Rocks Vista in Pennsylvania to practice rappelling and vertical rope work on a 150′ wall. I also go to a local park to practice bouldering. Within the next couple of weeks I’ll begin doing “weighted pack” training where I’ll hump up and down very steep slopes with a heavy pack, crampons and ice ax.

I’ve already had some people question my training methodologies particularly the weight training. I believe that physical strength is just as important as technique for any type of athlete. I want to be physically strong with cardio for days for this impending climb. That is why I use a “training camp” methodology when I train for my climbs. Performing at the highest level in any sport is a combination of nutrition and training modalities.

Supplements that I’m taking:

I take two different types of whey protein. I use Isopure 0 carbohydrates for the days that my carbs are maxed out but I still need to get carbs in. I also use 100% Whey protein by GNC (because it was on sale for cheap). I’m also taking 10 grams daily of creatine monohydrate. I round out my supplement stack with Modern BCAA by USP Labs and Sovereign testosterone booster by ANS. As a preworkout I take Jersey Pump because it combines 25 gms of protein and caffeine. I like to have the caffeine in my bloodstream by the time I begin working out.

To the Reddit readers or other climbers; I’d love to hear how you train for your climbs or any suggestions you might have. However if you say something that is mean spirited or caustic…it’s off to the “hate mail” page for you!

Climb hard, climb bold, climb fast!

My latest hate mail.

hatemailI wrote a “review” of the movie World War Z and a couple of readers over at had this to say:

Waste of time. This review virtually has no opinion in it, written by a guy who exclaimed that he doesn’t enjoy watching movies. The only opinion he has is that I should go see it? Sounds like it was written by a publicist. I disagree.

The reason I have my own hate mail page is so I can respond without censorship from a forum mediator.  For instance I can say that the person that wrote the above statement probably has fantasies of having carnal knowledge with his mother or molests dogs in his dark dank garage which has its windows covered over with newspaper. I wonder what he does with the dogs when he is done with them??? I actually take his criticism of my review as a compliment. “Written by a publicist”…yeah buddy…I wish I had a sweet gig as a publicist writing for a movie studio or a PR firm, because if I did I would not be commenting on your stupid comment…

The second reddit user had this to say:

“I simply don’t like to sit in a theater for nearly two hours to watch a movie” Then what the hell are you doing reviewing movies?

My response: Imbecile who said I was a movie critic? Is there a tab on my blog for movie reviews? In fact if you had taken more than the cursory 60 seconds to read the World War Z review you would have ascertained that I blog about everything from martial arts to food recipes. You wasted no time in posting your inane opinion of my review. Hey dope…I thought the logical connection was quite clear. If I hate sitting in movie theaters for two hours but I did it to watch World War Z…then the movie must be pretty fucking good! Man how fucking stupid are you? You need professional help my friend as you certainly suffer from some type of mental disorder like Encopresis (bed-wetting).

To both users…for the most part I think most movie critics are failed actors, writers or directors. They tend to be people that were not quite talented enough to actually create their own movie…so they spend their sad angry lives writing acerbic acrimonious reviews of people that are actually making movies. If you are a critic just tell me if I should spend my money and invest an afternoon of my life to see a particular movie. Spare me your overly florid pedantic opinions… That is what I attempted to do in my review. Man you two are a real pair of dunces…not because you criticized me but because you are well… a couple of dunces.

World War Z Reviewed

World-War-Z-WallpapersTo say that I love the Zombie genre is an understatement. I’ve read at least 6 zombie novels by different authors. However the book World War Z is the one zombie book I could not get into. The book version of World War Z is a series of short stories that detail the  “Zombie” apocalypse. It’s not that the book was bad or not interesting…I simply did not want to read nearly 300 pages of zombie short stories.

The movie was good. It will be the only summer “blockbuster” that I’m going to actually go to the theater to see. I simply don’t like to sit in a theater for nearly two hours to watch a movie…any movie when I can be outside doing something else. The movie was fast paced and the zombies were particularly scary. The hit series “The Walking Dead”  is my favorite T.V. show. In fact it is the only series that I watch. That being said, the zombies in The Walking Dead are slow shambling undead that quite frankly are not scary at all. The zombies in the movie 28 Days Later and World War Z are fast…incredibly fast which changes the dynamics completely from the George Romero slow zombie phenotype. I won’t go into the details of the movie because if you like the zombie genre you are no doubt going to see the movie regardless of what I say. However to those of you that are sitting on the fence so to speak…go see the movie at a matinee like I did,you won’t be disappointed that you spent the money and took the time to watch World War Z.

James Gandolfini dead from a heart attack…no surprise there.

Being overweight is considered a major risk factor for both coronary heart disease and heart attack. Being 20% overweight or more significantly increases your risk for developing heart disease, especially if you have a lot of abdominal fat. The American Heart Association has found that even if you have no other related health conditions, obesity itself increases risk of heart disease.* The death of James Gandolfini underscores the health risks of obesity. I did a quick Google search of how much Gandolfini weighed. According to this link he weighed 271 pounds in 2011. Who knows how much he weighed at the time of his death…300 pounds?…close to it i’m sure. It’s sadly ironic that some morbidly overweight people refuse to accept or even consider the fact that they are pushing the limit of what their hearts can tolerate before a catastrophic incident occurs (heart failure).

If you are overweight and don’t’ want to die from a heart attack, here is a radically different idea…eat less and exercise.

*taken from

300 pounds???

300 pounds???



Bellator’s Reality MMA TV Show-Fight Master reviewed


Before I give you my opinion I’ll cut and paste some comments from MMA fans from the UG: (not edited for grammar or spelling)

Its like the voice meets mma with the fighters interviewing the coaches.

Enjoyyyy – Im trying to stomache this show. Im getting so sick of the reality tv competition format. This shit is EVERYWHERE right now. I cant even watch tv anymore, every network has its take on the same shows. I feel like im watching a mix of Chopped and the Shark Tank. Dramatic music, orchestral builds to commercial right before something is revealed. Its just awful and it gives me the tv watching equivilent of “ear fatigue.”

Solid show. Like Joe Warren a lot, hate Frank Shamrock even more, which I didn’t think was possible

I enjoyed the show a lot cause it wasn’t full of the made for TV ratings douchebag buffonery you see on TUF. The ribbing between the 4 coaches was pretty amusing too.

I thought the show was pretty good, I really hope the focus more on the train aspect instead of the house drama like ultimate fighter.

Now my thoughts: If you are looking for a TUF clone Fight Master is not it. FM is an entirely different format. It is indeed “The Voice” meets MMA. FM is more slickly produced than TUF and the overall quality of the fighters seems to be just as good.  I used to watch TUF all the time (the first 4 seasons) but never anymore because the format is outdated and stale. FM puts an entirely new spin on the MMA reality theme. Will MMA fans stick with Fight Master? Will they accept a highly (nearly overproduced) MMA reality show? Time will tell so to speak. It will be interesting to track the ratings as the season progresses.

How Many Meals A Day – When & How Often Should You Eat Daily?


The Myth Of Meal Frequency: How Many Meals A Day?

Raise your hand if you’ve ever heard that you need to eat 6 smaller meals a day. Or that you need to eat every 2-3 hours exactly. Or that eating smaller meals more frequently is better than eating larger meals less frequently.

Now raise your hand if you’ve heard that the #1 reason for eating like this is because it will “speed up your metabolism” and therefore improve your ability to lose fat, build muscle, prevent fat gain, and more.

I’m going to guess that a whole lot of hands just went up.

The funny thing is… it’s all bullshit!

And that’s scientifically proven bullshit, I might add.

Virtually every single person in the nutrition field has at some point suggested that eating 6 smaller meals a day (with a frequency of every 2-3 hours) was more beneficial than eating 3 larger meals a day (with an obviously lesser frequency).

Hell, articles I’ve written prior to 2007 may still contain such recommendations. (Updating them is on my to-do list.)

The thought was that since the process of digestion burns calories (aka the Thermic Effect Of Food), we would burn MORE calories by eating MORE often. We’d “increase our metabolism” and all sorts of wonderful things would happen as a result.

Unfortunately, NONE of it turned out to be true.

Numerous studies have been done over the last few years looking specifically at meal frequency and its effects on metabolic rate, weight loss, and other similar areas.

In every case, the conclusion is always the same: there is no significant difference whatsoever in terms of “speeding up your metabolism” or any similar meal frequency voodoo.

Whether you eat 6 smaller meals a day, 3 bigger meals a day, every 3 hours exactly, more frequently, less frequently… none of it makes any difference in the end.

As long as your total daily calorie and nutrient intake remains what it needs to be, the manner in which you consume those calories/nutrients just doesn’t matter.

Want proof? Alright…

One study took 2 groups of overweight people and had each person create the same sized caloric deficit and then consume that same calorie intake every day for 8 weeks.

HOWEVER, they had one group eat 3 meals a day, and the other group eat 6 meals a day.

The result? They all lost the exact same amount of weight in the end.

In fact, the study showed that there was no difference at all in fat loss, appetite control, or anything similar. Metabolisms didn’t speed up or slow down. Meal frequency just didn’t matter.

The only thing that does matter is eating the right total amount of calories each day and getting those calories from an ideal amount of protein, fat and carbs.

How many meals you eat a day, how frequently you eat them, and how big or small they are just doesn’t matter. It’s what you eat, not how you eat it.

So, how many meals should I eat a day?

Now that you know there are no magical benefits to eating 6 smaller, more frequent meals a day, you’re probably wondering how many meals you should actually eat.

Well, the general answer is that anywhere between 3-6 meals a day (hell, even 2-7) is a fine workable option for most people.

But the more specific answer is exactly what I told you at the beginning of this article: whatever will make you most likely to consistently stick to your diet… THAT’S how you should eat!


  • If you’re someone who enjoys eating 5-7 smaller meals a day, or prefers eating every 2-3 hours, and likes eating more frequently… then by all means… eat like this! It won’t “speed up your metabolism,” but if it’s the type of diet organization that you personally like best, then eating this way is what will make you most likely to stick to your diet. And really, that’s ALL that matters here.
  • But if you’re someone who finds it inconvenient having to eat so frequently, or finds it annoying eating 6 small meals that leave you constantly unsatisfied and hungry, or feel like you’re being forced to eat in a way that you don’t enjoy… then this is NOT how you should be eating. Instead, 3 (or 4) bigger meals per day is probably more ideal.

Like I said, it’s all about doing what’s best for you, your schedule, your lifestyle, and your personal preferences.

Another factor to consider when choosing your ideal meal frequency is your specific calorie intake. For example…

  • Someone with a lower daily calorie intake will end up having to eat a bunch of tiny unsatisfying snack-sized meals if they try to spread their daily calories out over 6 meals a day.
  • Someone with a higher daily calorie intake might feel like they are about to explode if they try to cram all of their daily calories into 3 huge meals a day.

This is just another example of why diet organization should always come down to doing what’s most enjoyable, convenient, and sustainable for YOU.

Because when you do that, the chances of you eating like you are supposed to be eating will increase big time, and that’s the only benefit worth caring about.

The Myth Of Meal Timing Part 1: Eating Late At Night

Have you ever heard that it’s bad to eat later in the day? That you should stop eating at 6pm, or 7pm, or 8pm, or 9pm? Or maybe that you should just stop specifically eating carbs (or maybe fat) at these times?

Yeah… that’s all bullshit too.

Calories, protein, fat, and carbs at 9am are still the same calories, protein, fat and carbs at 9pm. Your body doesn’t care or know the difference.

There’s no magical fat-storing switch that flips on at a specific time and converts everything you eat into fat from that point on. It’s pure nonsense.

This whole “don’t eat after whenever-o’clock” concept is just a stupid myth that exists because many of the people who eat more calories than they’re supposed to tend to do a lot of that excess eating at night.

Does that mean eating at night makes you fat? No, it means eating too much makes you fat, and it just so happens that night time is when a lot of people end up consuming their excess calories.

If you consume those same excess calories at 7am, you’d still gain fat just the same. The time of day you overeat isn’t the cause… it’s the overeating itself.

So, should I eat late at night?

As long as your total calorie and nutrient intake remains what it needs to be for the day, feel free to eat as late as you want. It won’t make any difference whatsoever in terms of fat loss or fat gain, muscle growth or muscle loss, or anything similar.

However, if you prefer eating earlier, or if eating later at night tends to cause you to overeat, then by all means avoid eating late at night.

Whatever is most convenient, enjoyable and sustainable for you… THAT’S what you should do.

The Myth Of Meal Timing Part 2: “Special” Required Eating Times

Have you ever heard that there are certain “special” times of the day when you absolutely MUST eat a meal? Specifically, how you MUST eat breakfast? How it’s the most important meal of the day? How you will never lose fat or build muscle if you don’t?

Guess what… that’s bullshit too.

Now, I personally eat breakfast every single day because it fits my schedule and preferences. Maybe it fits yours too. However, this doesn’t change the fact that you don’t have to if you don’t want to, and that there’s absolutely nothing magical about doing so.

The myth of breakfast being a borderline requirement for losing fat or preventing fat gain once again exists as a result of misunderstood research.

You see, studies do show that many fatter people do indeed skip breakfast. So, based on this, people like to come out and definitively say “skipping breakfast makes you fat!”

However, the actual truth is that people who skip breakfast tend to be people with poorer overall eating habits in general. They eat more junk, less healthy stuff, and of course… more total calories.

Skipping breakfast is just one of the many common dietary occurrences among people with crappy eating habits.

They aren’t fat because they skip breakfast and “their metabolisms weren’t jump started” or any similar nonsense. They’re fat because they eat in an uncontrolled fashion that leads to too many calories being eaten.

Another huge flaw in the research is that overweight people tend to skip breakfast as a way of eating less so they CAN lose weight. Meaning, they skip breakfast because they’re overweight, not the other way around.

So, should I eat breakfast?

As long as your total daily calorie and nutrient intake ends up being what it needs to be, it really doesn’t matter. So, do whatever is best for you…

  • If you’re like me and you prefer to eat breakfast, then you should definitely eat breakfast. Maybe you wake up hungry. Maybe it helps you come to yourself and get moving. Maybe it helps control the way you eat for the rest of the day (meaning you may overeat later if you don’t eat now). Whatever the reason, if you like eating breakfast… do it!
  • If you’re someone who’s super busy in the morning and don’t have the time, or just aren’t particularly hungry that early in the day, or just feel inconvenienced by having to stop and eat breakfast every morning, then feel free to skip it and have your first meal of the day a few hours later when it IS convenient for you. As long as you still eat the right total amount of calories/nutrients for day, it’s perfectly fine.

This same concept applies to any other times of the day you’ve heard you must or must not be eating.

As long as you get your totals right for the day, all that matters is doing whatever is most convenient, enjoyable and sustainable for you.

The Myth Of Meal Timing Part 3: PRE & POST Workout Nutrition

Have you ever heard that it’s beneficial to eat a proper PRE and/or POST workout meal? That what you eat in the meals before and after your workout can play a positive role in the recovery process and your overall ability to build or maintain muscle, increase strength or improve performance?

Well… that’s actually not a myth at all. IT’S TRUE!

Now that I’ve disproved the most common myths related to diet organization, I figured I should mention the one aspect of meal scheduling that actually does have real benefits.

I’m of course talking about the meals directly surrounding your workouts.

I’ll explain this aspect of your diet in detail a bit later, but for now all you need to know is that if there are any times of the day that are truly worthy of getting any special attention in your diet, it’s your PRE and POST workout meals.

They definitely won’t make or break your diet’s success (only failing to hit your ideal calorie/nutrient totals for the day will do that), but getting these meals right will most definitely help. More about this later.

Other times of the day though? It just doesn’t matter.

Summing It All Up: When and How Often Should You Eat?

Well, just like I said way back at the beginning of this article, everything you need to know about diet organization and meal structure can be summed up in one simple statement:

Whatever will make you most likely to consistently eat the way you are supposed to eat, THAT’S how you should eat. Whatever is most convenient, enjoyable and sustainable for YOU is the exact way YOU should organize your diet.

Whether that means eating 3 big meals or 6 small meals a day, frequently or infrequently, early or late, breakfast or no breakfast, or anything in between… that’s up to your own personal preferences.

There’s nothing magical or special about doing it one way or the other.

All that truly matters is that you eat the right total amount of calories, protein, fat and carbs each day and get those nutrients from mostly higher quality sources.

Whatever way you need to organize your diet and structure your meals to consistently make that happen…THAT’S how you should do it.

Taken from:

Extinction Point: Exodus-Why you should read this book

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I’m an avid science fiction reader. I grew up reading the works of the great sci-fi masters. I cut my teeth on authors such as Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury and Arthur C Clarke. Am is saying that Paul Antony Jones is as good as the aforementioned? I leave that up to you to determine. What I am saying is that I’ve enjoyed the two books by Paul Antony Jones as much as the Foundation Trilogy or Childhood’s End or any of the plethora of great science fiction books I’ve read in over four decades. Extinction Point and Extinction Point:Exodus are books I and II in the Extinction Point series. Here is why I really enjoyed reading them:

  • Strong female lead character named Emily Baxter (I love strong female lead characters)
  • Methodical character and plot development (I’ve read books where I really did not care what happens to the protagonist. I want Emily to survive the alien Armageddon!)
  • A new and unique angle on the alien invasion theme, a genre that has already been done ad nauseum.
  • Jones’s writing style really reminds me of Stephen King. I’ve read some online “critics” that have implied that Jones’s writing style is too wordy or overly written. My reply is “balls on that“. Jones really takes the time to develop and craft his tale. Every sentence of every paragraph has me believing that I’m side by side with Emily and Thor (her dog sidekick) trying to survive in a world that is being transformed literally from the ground up by an aggressive alien species.

Take the movie “Invasion Of The Body Snatchers”, and combine it with some good old science fiction and Stephen King horror and you have one of the most compelling and unique works of science fiction to come along in years. Kudos to Paul Antony Jones. I hope his fingers are adroitly pecking away on his keyboard hammering out the third book in the series! You can buy the book here. You won’t regret it!

extinction point

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