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Overweight Boy Scouts excluded from Jamboree

Taken from US News:

By Miranda Leitsinger, Staff Writer, NBC News

Boy Scouts attending this year’s National Scout Jamboree will have a lot more physical challenges to endure there, but even before setting up camp in West Virginia they had to undergo fitness exams, including a screening tool for obesity.

The new site for the celebration of Scouting, the jamboree, which officially begins Tuesday, is located on more than 10,000 acres in the southern part of the Mountain State. More than 30,000 youth and leaders are expected to join the 10-day jamboree at the Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve.

The jamboree will be held “on foot,” meaning there will be no bus circuits or personal vehicles on site. Participants will be hiking even more than in the past, with the site providing hilly inclines, and some activities – climbing, mountain biking, rappelling, rafting and skateboarding – will require more stamina and fitness, the Boy Scouts of America said on its website.

“It is essential that all participants and staff are prepared for their Summit jamboree experience,” the Boy Scouts said. “Our goal is to prevent any serious health-related event from occurring, and ensuring that all of our participants and staff are ‘physically strong.’”

Mountain biking at the Jamboree

Mountain biking at the Jamboree

My thoughts? I agree with the Boy Scouts on this one. If your child is overweight that’s fine. However there are consequence of being overweight and sometimes you just don’t get a pass. I don’t know if any of the parents of the overweight scouts are going to sue. Check this link on some cool legalese on weight discrimination. Instead of bitching how their child is being singled out for being overweight…perhaps the disgruntled parents should get their overweight kids on some kind of exercise and nutritional regimen to help them become healthier. If a scout was excluded because of his weight, perhaps that can be used as a motivator to help him become more physically fit. In paragraph 3 above I highlighted in red the physical requirements of this year’s Jamboree…seems like some pretty physical stuff to me that requires a modicum of physical fitness.

Life after 40 is not a death sentence

I believe in challenging myself. I always want to be better today than I was yesterday. I ask myself every morning when I look in the mirror “what can I do today to push myself harder than I did yesterday.” I did an interview with a 53 year old man that is about to do his first triathlon. If Greg can find the wherewithal, tenacity and motivation to do a triathlon at 53…exactly what is your excuse for not getting into shape? Click here to watch the interview with Greg.

If you are not moving forward then you are falling behind.



Asiana Airlines ready to sue over phony names…really?

O.K..O.K… Asiana Airlines is saying they are going to sue because a T.V. station fucked up and ran this. Please I implore you to click the link and watch the video. I’m half Chinese and can’t help but to laugh everytime I watch the video…“Captain Sum Ting Wong?” Now that is some funny shit. Memo to Asiana Airlines…perhaps you should be more concerned with the flying abilities of your pilots (three passengers did die after all) than some prankster making sport of Asian names…. Wi Tu Lo….really? (holds stomach while laughing.)

Bang Ding Ow!!!!

Bang Ding Ow!!!!

George Zimmerman gains 80 pounds in prison?

This is a re-edit of my original post that I wrote this morining of the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman cluster fuck. The original post was three paragraphs of concise searing logic that articulated  my thoughts on the Zimmerman trial. At the end of it I figured what the hell…what does what I think matter? Trayvon Martin is dead and Zimmerman is free and nothing can change that. Rather I ask you this:

What the hell was Zimmerman eating in damn jail? He must have gained 80 pounds since his arrest. Obviously the stress of potentially spending the rest of his life in prison did not affect his appetite.

A thin in shape George Zimmerman when he was arrested.

A thin in shape George Zimmerman when he was arrested.

Holy this the same guy???

Holy cow…is this the same guy???

Surviving the Urban Bike Ride.

I’ve added mountain biking to my fitness routine. I injured both of my knees a couple of years ago from running. My chiropractor after nearly a year of adjustments has me to the point that I have full articulation in both knees. However after just one run last month they were jacked up again. I find that I can mountain bike for miles and have zero knee pain. So mountain biking it is instead of running.

Penns Landing...before the suffering began.

Penns Landing…before the suffering began.

Philadelphia has a great park system and I’ve already ridden Pennypack out and back (appx 20 miles). I decided to do something a little different yesterday. I did not ride “trail”, I rode from Northeast Philadelphia to Penns Landing/South Street and back (appx 15 miles each way). The ride out was fun because it was around noon and the weather was clear. Cars could see me and I could see them. I’ve realized that when riding street there is always the real possibility of getting hit by a vehicle especially in the city. It took me about 90 minutes to ride into the city and I immediately began to have problems because my cell phone was dying. No cell phone=no GPS. After I got to Penns Landing I plugged it into an electrical outlet in a public bathroom and proceeded to have an entertaining conversation with a street person that was charging his phone as well. After charging the phone for about 30 minutes I rode to South Street. The plan was to find a bar have a couple of beers and charge my phone some more. I had two Miller Lite’s and off it was for the ride home. I’m not sure what it is about my phone but running the GPS drains the battery fast..very fast. Within 15 minutes I knew that the phone would not last and at some point I’d have to dead reckon my way home. Another interesting thing about using your phone for a GPS is there are three route options, driving, walking, and bike riding there is no option for “safest route” . That mother F’ing GPS sent me straight through some very tough North Philadelphia neighborhoods. I could tell by the way people were staring at me that mountain bikers were not a common sight in their neighborhood. I began to entertain the thought of actually leaving one of these neighborhoods without my bike…or life.

The fun really started when it started raining…pouring actually. Things became  scary because visibility was restricted, it was rush hour and I genuinely feared getting hit by a car. Earlier in the ride I had fallen while going over a curb and my bike was not shifting correctly. I had enough gears to get home however assuming I did not get plastered by a truck. The ride home took about two hours and it was pouring the entire time. Once I got out of Philadelphia proper the streets became wider and safer. The challenge now was to simply hunker down and ride through the incredibly heavy rain. My glasses were fogged over, rain was running down my helmet like a running faucet. The sufferfest was on. After two hours of riding through the horrid weather I made it back to my front door alive, still in the possession of my bike and with no broken limbs. In one week I’ve ridden nearly 100 miles and am already planning a bigger and more challenging ride. More on that to follow…the “the trail ride and rappel!”

The urba ride

The urban ride

Is UFC fighter pay fair?…ehhhh NOPE

ufc logoKevin Iole a respected sports writer wrote this very well laid out article about fighter pay in the UFC being fair. His piece is lucid, concise and I don’t agree with it at all. He compares the payouts in boxing to the payouts in MMA and adroitly shows the parity between the two sports regarding fighter pay. His argument makes sense but is flawed. It’s like comparing the employee pay of workers at Walmart and Target. Both companies pay the same…but should both not be paying more? My position has always been the disparity between what the non main event fighters (the lowest paid guys) and the corporate profits of Zuffa are. I’m sure there are a few millionaire fighters in the UFC…but I’d wager that there are many more thousandaires.

A fan on the underground had this to say:

Just because boxing pays like shit doesn’t mean the UFC should. There are people in china making $1 a day to manufacture your iPhone. Should we make that the minimum wage in the us?Sure that is the what the market will bear but zuffa does us all a disservice. That low pay all but ensures we will never have a steady stream of top prospects because people with that sort of athletic talent will go do something else, even if that something else is teaching high school wrestling.

What Iole does not mention is the expenses a fighter incurs simply getting to an event. The UFC pays for two round trip plane tickets and one hotel room…that’s it. A typical fight team consists of the fighter and THREE cornermen. That means the fighter is responsible to buy two additional plane tickets and one additional hotel room. That’s not including the cost of visa’s should a country require them. Lets say a fighter is fighting in England and is making 8000/8000. Assuming he wins he gets 16k. Let do some simple math.

A round trip ticket to London and one additional hotel room  is $1800 X 2 cornemen=$3,600. Lets say that each cornerman is going to get $500 for working the event. That an additional $1500. The UFC gives the fighters a per diem for food. That leaves the rest of the team responsible for their own meals for about 4 days. Who is paying for that the fighter? Lets add another $100/day per cornerman for meals. That’s $1200 for meal allowances. Between the additional airfare and hotel room, cornerman pay and meals the additional cost to the fighter is $6,300…nearly half of his pay (assuming he wins). I’m not even factoring in the taxes in both the U.S and England and the training expenses leading up to the fight. I’d say it’s possible that on an 8/8 fight in Europe a UFC fighter might actually lose money!  Don’t think for a second that most of the expenses can be made up from sponsorship money. The UFC has a “tax” on fighter sponsorship. I’ve heard they charge around 50k/ sponsor. That means that even before a potential sponsor gets to the fighter they are extorted 50k by the UFC first. I personally know UFC fighters that fought on the non televised portion of the card that got ZERO money from sponsors.

Many fans say “if a fighter does not like his pay he can do something else.” O.k..o.k let me address that retort. You are a software engineer and your company is bought out by the biggest software company on earth…the only one in fact. You are told that if you have two bad work days in a row you are fired. You see the top executives in the company driving outrageously expensive cars and making incredible money while you are paid the minimum. When you are given travel assignments the brunt of the financial responsibility falls on you. If you speak out or ask for more money you are denied work or given assignments that are so difficult failure is assured which results in your termination. You can’t go to another software company because the conglomerate you work for has bought all of its competition. Keep in mind that your company is profitable…very profitable. They are paying you the minimum because they can get away with it, because you have very few options. F’n shame actually. Shame on you UFC.

Anderson Silva screwed his sponsors, the fans and Weidman

andeerson clowingIf you were a sponsor of Anderson Silva namely Nike or Burger King would you be disappointed? Not dissapointed that your sponsored athlete lost but rather with the way he was carrying on in the cage? I’m sure both Nike and Burger King cut Silva  sizeable checks to represent their brands. If Anderson had fought a five round war with Weidman then lost the title…the sponsors would have gotten what they paid for. Rather than putting on a professional performance , Silva goes into the cage and starts cavorting around like an ass monkey and gets his ass knocked out because of his buffoonery . The operant word is professional. What nobody is speaking about is Silva’s professional obligation to his sponsors. Do you think that Mercedes Benz or Tag Heur are going to attach their brands to an athlete that does not propagate their corporate images? Following is a list of some of the “corporate partners” of the PGA Tour:

  • Avis
  • Charles Schwab
  • GE
  • United Airlines
  • Rolex
  • MasterCard

MMA is a self destructive sport. As long as you have fighters acting like Silva did in his fight with Weidman or people like Dana White dropping the F bomb every other word the blue chip corporate sponsors will never ever become involved with MMA. Now rumors are swirling that the fight was fixed. Herb Dean said that at first he thought Silva was faking being knocked out. In a post fight interview Silva alludes that he will retire then yesterday he says he wants a New Years Eve rematch. Allegedly a one million dollar bet was placed on Weidman. That bet is being investigated. Lets run with this ball for a moment. Silva takes a dive…sets up the biggest rematch in the history of MMA…gets payday of biblical proportions and does not have to fight either GSP or Jones. Seems to make sense to me.

Now back to the sponsors… If you were United Airlines or Rolex would you want to be associated with the sport of MMA? Lets not forget the fans either. Did you not feel slightly cheated? Yeah you got to see the champ get stretched…but under very odd and dubious circumstances. I wonder if Weidman feels cheated as well because of the bizarre and insane antics of the former champ. Sure Weidman won the strap but there is a colossal asterisk attached to his win as far as I’m concerned. MMA is becoming just like the WWE the only difference is that the WWE does not try to pass itself off as a real sport.


Are you driven?

I’ve had people tell me that I’m “passionate” about the things that I do. I think that’s a bit inaccurate and I actually take it as a slight insult. My definition of being  “passionate” is someone that has  a near zealous attitude towards something. I’m not a zealot. I simply want to do well at everything that I do. I abhor mediocrity. I hate performing poorly more than I like winning. The people that describe me as being passionate do not understand me or my drive to succeed.

There is a world class mountaineer named Reinhold Messner. He was the first climber to climb the seven summits, the tallest mountains on each of the seven continents on earth. He was the first mountaineer to climb Mt. Everest without the use of supplemental oxygen and he did it solo. In short he’s a climbing badass. Frequently climbers will have to abort a summit attempt because conditions are unsafe. Sometimes they will be within sight of the summit when the climb is aborted. Messner is famous or infamous for pushing on to the summit regardless of the conditions. He once said in an interview, “if you can see the summit and have the ability and the will you can make it.” In short Messner is driven. People that are passionate are a bit odd in my opinion. Driven people on the other hand are hard nosed, confident and willing to risk failure, embarrassment  or even death in order to achieve their goals. Are you driven? Are you willing to push on to the summit regardless of the conditions?

Here is a short list of people that I believe are driven:



Anderson Silva pushed the odds and paid for it.

A jaw jacking KO!

A jaw jacking KO!

Here is my take on the fight. Anderson was clowning and joking around in the cage with a very dangerous opponent. There is tried and true saying that goes “if you play with fire you will get burned”. Anderson was doing what he had done in the past…shucking and jiving and he paid for it. There was (the operant word is was) a world class rock climber named Dan Osman. Osman invented this thing called rope jumping. He’d make elaborate rope and anchoring systems then run and jump off the edges of really high cliffs. He’d plunge straight down for a couple of thousand feet until the rope would engage and the free fall would stop. It was pretty baddass stuff. He was rope jumping one day and had done something like 5 successful jumps. He wanted to do one more. Keep in mind he could have been killed on any of the jumps. Rather than calling it a day he decided to do that one last jump. Of course fate has a strange sense of irony. If you guessed that his rope broke and he plunged nearly 2000 feet to his death…you guessed correctly. Dan pushed the odds and ultimately paid for it with his life. Anderson pushed the odds and ultimately paid for it by losing the strap. Did Silva marginalize Weidman’s win…it really does not matter..the rope broke so to speak…and that is that.

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America is a fat nation

obese peopleI was in an airport recently and took the time to look at the people around me. It’s sad and shocking to see how many overweight and in many cases morbidly obese people there are. My empirical observation is that for every person of a healthy weight that I saw, there were at least three people that were overweight. America is a fat nation. Lets face it being fit is hard work and takes dedication. I can only guess how the health care system is being overwhelmed by weight related illnesses. I believe that people should be free to make the choices they want in life including whether they want to be fit or not. However the amount of obese and unfit people that I saw was quite disconcerting.

Last week I was mountain biking. What I thought was going to be a quick spin around a local park turned out to be a 20 mile ride. I had no food or water with me and the day was incredibly hot and humid. The sun was shining brightly one moment and it would be pouring rain the next. It felt amazing to be exercising and riding under those extreme conditions. I felt great! I realized on that day that the human body performs at its best when it’s moving and active. I don’t believe that our bodies were designed to be sedentary. The human body does poorly when neglected and abused. Humans are physical beings we should be running, climbing, jumping…we should be moving. How you live your life is ultimately your choice and at some point you will have to deal with the consequences of the health choices that you make.

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