Mothers-Fathers, this could be your daughter gone wild.

22 Mar



I came across this footage shot at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami last weekend. Ultra is a giant music festival that takes place over two weekends. There are dozens of bands and DJ’s playing on multiple stages. My sources on the ground at the event told me that it was essentially legions of 16 and 17 year old teens milling  about in a drugged induced state of euphoria. Check out this video of a 16 or 17 year old girl decked out in her best Slut-O-Wear-Striparella outfit as she cavorts and wiggles to the primal sound of dance music. Did her parents actually let her leave the house dressed in this bizarre and gaudy costume that barely covers 12 square inches of her flesh? Her parents should consider themselves lucky if their sweet baby does not come home gestating a grandchild. Yes my friends America continues it’s slow descent into third worldism.

Our little girl is Alllllllll grown up!

Our little girl is Alllllllll grown up!

Help for joint pain.

21 Mar


Recently I’ve been suffering from joint pain. Both of my knees and elbows have been throbbing. Whenever I have a mechanical injury I go straight to my Chiropractor Dr. Stuart Lakernick. He always adjusts any bones that have become misaligned. Quite frankly without Chiropractic adjustment I would not be able to engage in the fitness activities that I do. Lately however my joints have been in agony from training. My knees have been hurting when I squat down and I’ve been getting sharp stabbing pains in my elbows. I became quite worried because the pain in my joints was really bad. Was this the end of the fitness “road” for me so to speak? Had age finally caught up to me?

supercissusHere is what I did. I backed off from training; I took about 5 days off from working out. I then started augmenting my diet with the following; vitamin D-3, fish oil and glucosamine chondroitin with MSM. All of these supplements are good to take when you are suffering from joint pain because they are strong anti-inflammatory agents. My two favorites and I consider them the most crucial supplements to take when it comes to inflammation and joint pain is Zyflamend and SuperCissus by USPlabs. It’s been about 5 days since I started my anti-joint pain supplement regimen. I think that Zyflamend and SuperCissus are the strongest supplements in my joint pain arsenal. I’ve never taken Supercissus before and I’m very impressed with it. Within five days of taking Supercissus my joint pain was nearly gone. I felt so good yesterday that I did some strongman training that is very hard on your lower back and knees, I did giant tire flips. I woke up today absolutely pain free and feel great.

I don’t want to take weeks off from training because I’m in pain. If your joints are hurting try taking the joint supplements that I do. Perhaps they will be as effective for you as they have been for me. Good luck!


Competition is the ultimate way to test yourself.

19 Mar


bearhuntImagine a tribe of Paleolithic hunters that are attempting to take down a grizzly bear during a bear hunt. Primitive hunters wielding nothing more than crude spears against a 500 pound bear that is 8’ tall when it stands on its back legs and has razor sharp claws and teeth. Imagine the fear and trepidation preceding the hunt. The likelihood of one or more of the hunters getting killed or injured is great. Getting seriously injured during the Paleolithic period was a death sentence especially for a hunter. A crippled hunter cannot hunt and as such is useless to the tribe. The hunt goes well, the bear is dead and no hunters have been killed or injured. Imagine the raw visceral rush of emotion the hunters must have felt as they pounded their chests and screamed at the sky brandishing their crude spears in victory!

Humans are no longer subsistence tribesmen. We don’t depend on game animals to survive and for the most part technology spares us from the tribulations of survival that our Paleolithic ancestors had to endure on a daily basis. Paleolithic man had to compete to survive. They had to compete with nature and each other for the basic necessities of survival…food, water and shelter. Failure to attain any of those elements could be catastrophic to say the least.

Modern man no longer needs to compete to survive, but we must compete none the less. Competition is coded into us at the genetic level. Without the “competitive/survival” gene we would not be the dominant species on earth. Competition is good for you. It tests you, it sharpens you. It drives you to become the best that you can be. Simply put, competition makes you a better-stronger person.

I don’t care if you play tiddlywinks, hopscotch or are a martial artist, you should compete. Many people are afraid of competing. They fear being embarrassed. They fear the possibility of losing. Losing for our Paleolithic forebearers was critical and problematic and in most cases catastrophic. For modern man losing has no serious consequences. In fact losing can inspire and motivate one to become better.

The most common excuses for not competing that I hear are:

  • Fear of injury
  • Fear of not winning
  • Don’t like to compete

I’ll address all three. Not competing because you fear injury is bullshit. Hey bud…you risk slipping in your shower and fracturing your skull every time you step into your bathtub. Not competing because you are afraid of not winning. Let me hip you to something, 50% of all competitors don’t win they lose…join the club. Every and I mean every competitor experiences loss at some point. Put your big boy pants on and suck it up…you lost so what…start getting ready for the next competition. “I don’t like to compete”. Don’t like to compete…WTF? Let me see if I can understand this. You train at something all the time, weeks and weeks and perhaps even years and you don’t want to test yourself against your peers? Shame on you for playing it safe. Perhaps some people are willing to live their lives not knowing how good they actually are. Saying that you are afraid to compete is the pantheon of excuses especially for martial artists. If you are a martial artist how can you be afraid of anything?suplex

I’m trying to put together my next climb. I’m hoping to get up to Mount Washington in the next few weeks to try climbing one of the technical “Alpine” routes. I climb solo. Solo Alpine climbing is ehhhh dangerous to say the least. One can certainly get killed doing it. Climbing a technical route and not getting killed or critically mangled is a “competition”. I’ll be competing against the elements such as snow, ice and the weather. Most importantly I’ll be competing against myself. Can I work past my fear? Do I have the technical climbing skills to do an “Alpine” climb? I’ll only find out by trying…by competing.

For me, half the joy of achieving has been the struggle and the fight, the pitting myself against the world and all its competition – and winning.~Conrad Veidt 


Nick Diaz lets it rip at the post fight press conference.

17 Mar


Fans are already bashing GSP’s performance last night. The fight essentially went exactly how I thought it would. It burns my ass when “fans” say something stupid like a fighter can’t “finish” fights. Let me hip you to something. It ain’t that easy to knock another fighter out, especially at the UFC level. GSP did exactly what I thought he would, he put on a clinic. Diaz is a tough scrappy fighter but he does not have the athletic ability that GSP does. How many fighters do? I respect Diaz  for not playing the “corporate game”. He has no filter between his brain and mouth, he speaks his mind and marches to his own beat. Diaz is probably the only fighter in the UFC that can push back against the Zuffa oligarchy and not get fired. Ask Matt Riddle how things are working out for him after running his mouth.

Watch the post fight press conference by clicking here. I think Diaz makes some really good points during the interview. Johny Hendricks VS. GSP is going to be a very competitive fight. Although Hendrick’s striking is not as polished as GSP’s, he punches like a mule. Hendrick’s wrestling may also be better than George’s. GSP will keep Hendrick’s on the outside and chip away at him. Although Hendrick’s will shoot on George he’ll be unable to take the Champion down. GSP will win a lopsided decision against Hendrick’s.

Nick Diaz at the post fight presser.

Nick Diaz at the post fight presser.



“You can’t choose when you die, you can only choose how you die.”

16 Mar

In the summer hiking to the top of Mt. Washington is a challenge. In the winter hiking to the summit can be deadly. I found this on

James Watts, 24, of New York, died on March 1 while soloing Pinnacle Gully  on Mount Washington in New Hampshire. Watts was swept off the route by an avalanche and fell approximately 1,000 feet down the WI 3 route. His body was found by a hiker around 3 p.m. The Pinnacle Gully area including Huntington Ravine has been the scene of numerous avalanches and accidents. In late January, three climbers were injured when they triggered an avalanche and were swept down central gully.

Next winter I’d like to get up to Mt. Washington to solo one of the alpine routes. I continue to train my vertical rope skills and have started ice climbing. All summer long much to the chagrin of the rock humpers at High Rocks Vista, I’ll be dry tool climbing the rock routes training for next winters ice climbing season. Even if Watts was not swept 1,000 feet to his death there is virtually nothing he could have done if he was buried alive in an avalanche. It’s like being entombed in wet cement. I’ve climbed Mt. Washington three times. Once with a guide in December (fun climb), once solo in February (a horrible sufferfest) and once with a partner in early June (fun-beautiful climb). Each of those climbs/hikes were up the traditional hiking routes. Next year I’d like to push the envelope a bit and try the Pinnacle Gully route that Watts attempted.

I was listening to Howard Stern this week and heard that Sam Simon the creator of the Simpson’s has terminal cancer. Simon is  very wealthy to say the least and he’s been dealt the cancer card. What’s he to do now? Sit around and wait for the inevitable end? I’d rather go out like James Watts did…on my terms.  I’ve head it said that “you can’t choose when you die, you can only choose how you die.” 

Climbers approaching Pinnacle Gully Photo by Brian Post.

Climbers approaching Pinnacle Gully
Photo by Brian Post.

How not to get your A** kicked by the Police!

15 Mar

Happy Friday!

Here is some funny as hell vintage Chris Rock to start your weekend! Considering this Sunday is St. Paddy’s day, it might behove you to watch this video.



GSP VS. Diaz- Fight prediction

14 Mar


The UFC has done it once again. They’ve given us a main event fight and convinced MMA fans that the fight is somehow going to be competitive. GSP VS. Diaz is not going to be a competitive fight. Sure Nick Diaz is a scrappy talented fighter. Can he beat GSP? No…he has ZERO chance. The run up to the fight has been pretty good. Diaz is playing the consummate bad boy. He’s failed to show up for interviews and yesterday he no showed the open workout. Of course the handsome soft spoken GSP is playing the role of the “face” (pro wrestling parlance for a good guy). GSP transcends being a fighter, he is the pantheon of sheer unmitageted athletic ability. Will this be a good fight? Yes. But don’t believe for a second that the well oiled fighting machine that is GSP, is in anyway shape or form going to lose. GSP is going to take Diaz down like it’s his job (and in a sense it is) and control from the top while he dispenses some vicious GNP for 5 solid rounds. My prediction-GSP via lopsided decision. I must issue this caveat. I’m nearly always wrong with my fight predictions…so when you place your bet-caveat emptor!

Betting odds.

Betting odds.



A great motivational video-Get It Results!

12 Mar

If your are any kind of competitor…any kind watch this (click here) incredible motivational video. After watching this I can’t understand why people don’t want to compete, challenge or push themselves. Many pretend that they push themselves. Many stay within their comfort zones and tell others that they are great, have others convinced that they are great. Many are afraid, afraid of looking bad or afraid of failing. Everything works perfectly in a lab. Competition is part of the human element. It sharpens you. It motivates you and it makes you a better person, regardless if you win or lose. Go out and compete…get results!

“Inch by inch, play by play. We are in hell gentlemen…believe me. And we can stay here and get the shit kicked out of us, or we can fight our way back…into the light. We can climb outta hell…one inch at a time.” That is part of one of the best quotes in the video.


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The Greatest Motivational Speech Ever By Arnold Schwarzenegger

11 Mar

Click here to listen to a great motivational speech by Arnold Schwarzenegger. How can you listen to this and not be motivated to achieve the difficult or impossible.


The Walking Dead-Episode 13: Arrow on the Doorpost, observations.

11 Mar

"Hey Rick I want peace and by the way...I'm gonna kill you and everyone else."

“Hey Rick I want peace and by the way…I’m gonna kill you and everyone else.”

Andrea, Andrea, Andrea…what to do with Andrea? I think the veil of naivetivity and infatuation with the Governor has finally lifted from in front of her eyes when the Governor treated her like a two bit hooker at the “peace treaty” meeting. Speaking of détente the despotic psychotic tyrant does not want peace with Rick’s group, he wants’ everyone dead and eye stabbing Michonne’s head on a spike decorating the main gate of Woodbury. Oh and by the way, Rick made a reference to the Governor being the town “drunk”. Have you ever noticed that the guy does seem to drink allot of whisky? Yes, I’m beginning to suspect that not only is the Governor a maniacal despot he’s an alcoholic as well. Hitler, Stalin and the Governor would make a great triumvirate.

Do you think that Michonne and Merle should have gone to the “peace meeting” to assassinate the Governor? Merle’s time is going to come…soon. How about Daryl, Martinez and Hershel and that pip squeak Milton all bonding with each other? I thought I was watching an episode of “The View”.  Glenn is lucky he did not get his ass kicked…again by Merle when they got into that little scrap inside the prison. I’m not so sure I’d want to get into a contest of fisticuffs with Merle, he’s as tough as a nail and as mean as a snake.

Here is what I think is going to happen next week. Andrea, Martinez and Milton turn on the Governor. Andrea is plotting something that’s for sure. The dog of war Merle is going to be let lose. Although coming perilously close Rick will not give up the sexy sword swinging Michonne, no way not how…